For Artists


A new space for local artists

We're interested in speaking with local artists who haven't yet reached the stage where they're represented by a traditional gallery. As you can tell, we're a non-traditional (alternative?) space that's going to offer axe throwing as our primary business.  However, we've got lots of space and enough friends who have struggled to show their art commercially at the beginning of their careers that we'd love to try to help some local artists increase their exposure (through both our physical location and our website).  We're not (and don't intend to ever be) a full-service gallery.  Instead, we think of ourselves as a potential stepping stone - show (and if you'd like hopefully sell) some of your art to build some momentum toward more traditional venues.

We're hoping to establish a rotation of artists that we'll show for a period (either solo or in a group exhibition depending on the artist) before we rotate in some new pieces, so if you're interested please do reach out to with "Artist" in the subject line.